Experience the ultimate collaboration and remote access with HP Z Workstations!

In today’s world, it is not always possible for all employees in an organization to work from a single location. Collaboration and remote access are the key features that help professionals to be mobile. Accessing, sharing, and broadcasting from a stationary workstation proves to be an additional advantage that supports being mobile.
HP Z Workstations using HP Remote Graphics Software (HP RGS) helps in real-time collaboration, remote worker consolidation, and mobility even on a tablet.
Let’s see what exactly this HP Remote Graphics Software is.

What is HP RGS?

HP RGS or Remote Graphics Software is software that enables users to connect and use their workstations from any location on a different computer or tablet. It is a remote desktop solution designed to provide a unified experience for even the most demanding 3D graphics-heavy professional applications. With HP RGS, you can also share the screen and collaborate with other remote co-workers. It is an ideal solution for connecting with virtual workstations hosted in the data center or even the cloud.

Who can use HP RGS?

HP RGS is a gold standard for remote workstations and collaboration in almost all the industries which include architecture, engineering and construction, education, financial services, geospatial, media and entertainment, oil and gas, product development, and many more.

How does HP RGS work?

HP RGS analyses the remote workstation and sends its encrypted and encoded image to the client device. The hardware and software configuration is sent back to the remote workstation. This results in a replica or duplication of a unified system as if you are actually working on workstation location.
Hence, HP Z Workstations make a great choice for professionals who are on the move and away from their workstation. Also, the HP RGS is license-free and includes major, minor, and patch updates for all HP Desktop and Mobile Z Workstations!

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