Fortify your security with Multi-factor Authentication – HP EliteBooks

Cyber attacks are getting more oblivious and sophisticated and hence keeping your business information intact is a priority over any other factor; probably, because nothing can harm a business more than information-leakages. If passwords that are created using thousands of variations can be hacked by someone overlooking your keyboard and since it is difficult to keep a strong password every time there are risks involved.

HP has reinforced the security for HP EliteBook series by using HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2. It provides users with two or more types of authentication to log in. This ensures that fraudulent logins are avoided when the attacker has access to only one type of sensitive information.

HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2 enables users to activate more than one form of authentication in order to verify identity and access systems or data. You can choose up-to three authenticating factors to log in. The first factor is usually in form of username and password, while the second can be in any form, from a PIN to biometrics such as a fingerprint, to physical keys such as Smart Cards and SecureKeys.

HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2 can be managed using HP Client Security Manager. HP Client Security Manager is a software-based method that enables admins to increase security by requiring two authentication factors, such as a password and a thumbprint, or a smartcard and a PIN. Your whole EliteBooks network can be managed easily!

EliteBook with Intel processors, HP Client Security Manager with Intel Authenticate support three-factor authentication, including hardware-enhanced factors. That means Intel Authenticate helps you to extend your EliteBook security to hardware as well. This helps the IT Admins to incorporate hardened facial, fingerprint readers, smartcard readers, and Bluetooth readers, making authentications stronger than ever before!

Thus, EliteBooks are the perfect partners to secure your information enabling to use multi-factor authentication!

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