HP Z2 Series - The Flexible Entry-Level Workstations

Not all professionals need to work with extreme computing and algorithms but every professional need a powerful system that can carry the load of professional applications. Thus, HP recognizing the need introduced the entry-level workstations – Z2 series!
The HP Z2 series is compact, clever, and amazingly powerful. It is perfect for architecture and product design workflows. This series includes three models, Z2 Tower, Z2 Small Form Factor, and, Z2 Mini Workstations.
Let’s go through some of the models and their features-.

HP Z2 Tower Workstation

With the latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors with up to 6 cores, this workstation also supports for NVIDIA® and other professional graphics from Entry to Ultra 3D. Its dual M.2 storage slots enable you to install pro-grade storage hardware to utilize your storage-bound apps without sacrificing standard PCIe slots.

HP Z2 Small Form Factor Workstation

With next-gen Intel® Core and Intel® Xeon® processor options for powerful performance on single and multi-threaded applications, it supports NVIDIA® and other professional graphics from Entry to Mid-range 3D. It is perfect for OEMs. The HP Z2 Small Form Factor has the same dimensions as the previous generation and is sustainable in the longer run.

HP Z2 Mini Workstation

With current and next-gen Intel® Core and Intel® Xeon® processor options for powerful performance, it is supported by NVIDIA® M620 graphics for demanding 3D models. It has a sleek and compact design and can be placed on a desk or mounted beneath a desk. It is designed for VESA® Mounting to HP Z Displays. HP Z2 Mini Workstation supports up to 6 displays, four native and an additional 2 via daisy-chaining.
Thus, you can see that Z2 series have compact, affordable yet powerful workstations that meet the entry-level requirements of your professional applications. This series is good for animation, rendering, and other entry-level tasks that don’t need extreme features.

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