Reduce Acoustic Levels - HP Z440 & Z840 Workstations

You wouldn’t want a constant noise while working on your critical projects. Even if not critical, the noise would be irritating! Workstations when working continuously heat up and make this noise. It is unwanted vibration audible to the human ear.

Workstation components make acoustic noise when operating. As processors become more powerful day-by-day, the acoustic noise levels go higher, continuing the demand for cooling requirements. Several studies prove that acoustic noise disturbs the work environment, decreasing user productivity.

HP brings you HP Z Coolers to you as a solution for this problem. The purpose of this component is to cool the CPU component to reduce the acoustic levels. If cooling the CPU produces the dominant acoustic level, decreasing the CPU acoustic level will lower the total acoustic output of the system. HP Z cooler enables optimum processor performance at the processor’s rated frequency.

The HP Z Cooler uses 3D Vapor Chamber technology and HP’s innovative Staggered Hex Fin Heat Exchanger to discharge processor heat faster and more proficiently than ever before on the HP Z440 and HP Z840 Workstations. It is offered as a Configure to Order (CTO) component on the Z440 and Z840 platforms.

Thus, choosing HP Z440 and Z840 with HP Z Cooler technology is the best option to reduce the acoustic levels that hinder work environment!

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