Why HP Z Workstations are the Best Quality Workstations

We know that the features offered by HP Z Workstations are unmatched! And undoubtedly, they are the best quality workstations in the market. Demanding tasks drive the need for efficiency and productivity but it isn't sufficient just to know that your software applications will run on your workstation. Professionals need a hardware solution that has been tested, proven, and certified by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to provide the highest performance for your business applications.

HP’s application certification process is planned to ensure that professionals receive the best possible experience with their business application on HP Workstations. Here are some of the activities HP engages in:

  • Train ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) with HP Z Workstations and Mobile Workstation for certification, testing, and ongoing support
  • Perform thorough whole system testing and performance measurement
  • Offer the resolution of hardware-related issues between technology partners
  • Publish certified configurations on hp.com
  • Capture driver certification records in HP Performance Advisor to facilitate graphics driver selection.

The certification process ensures that HP’s workstation hardware solution is compatible with the software applications that will be used on it. HP works closely with their ISVs from the start – both in the designing of new hardware and in the design of new software or a software revision.
These close partnerships, made to craft a fully certified HP Workstation ISV solution, ensuring a wholly compatible experience between hardware and software that is steady and delivers high performance.

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